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A publication was accepted in the journal New BIOTECHNOLOGY concerning the a new assay for the detection of S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine. The work is entitled "A coupled photometric assay... read more.

The Biocatalysis course is offered in the Summer Semester 2017 for the MSc students of the Biology cirriculum and Nanostructure science cirriculum. The course consists of two... read more.

A publication was accepted in the journal ChemBioChem concerning the stereoselective production of a spatially bulky amine using transaminases, in collaboration with our... read more.

Dr. Pavlidis was invited to give a lecture on the Hellenic Conference on Innovative STEM Education. The conference is taking place at the University of Athens, Athens (GR) between 16-... read more.

EPL is expanding! Mr. Aaron Kuijpers is working on his Bachelor Thesis since 21. November 2016, on the use of click chemistry for the oriented immobilization of enzymes and the... read more.

The Biotechnology course is offered in the Winter Semester 2016/2017 for the BSc students of the "Biology" and "Nanostructure Science" cirriculum. The course consists of two hours... read more.

EPL is expanding! Ms. Marianna Karava is an Erasmus Placement intern since 04. October 2016, working on enzyme immobilization and optimization of processes with response surface... read more.

EPL is expanding! Ms. Qing-Yun Tang is a PhD student since September 2016, working on the promiscuity of O-methyltransferases. Ms. Tang is enrolled for her PhD Thesis in the University... read more.

A publication was accepted in the journal Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry concerning the stereoselective production of a bicyclic amine using transaminases, in collaboration with... read more.

Our group participates in BioCat2016 with a poster. You can find us at poster P2-28: Investigation on the catalytic behaviour and mechanism of an S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine hydrolase and its affinity... read more.

We have just published an article in the journal "Nature Chemistry". The project was materialized in the University of Greifswald, under the Supervision of Prof. Dr. Uwe Bornscheuer, withe the... read more.

On the 4th of May, 17:00, Assoc. Prof. Per-Olof Syrén from the School of Biotechnology at KTH, Stockholm (Sweden), is visiting EPL and the University of Kassel to give a talk for... read more.