Lectures taught by Dr. Ioannis Pavlidis


The module is offered to the  MSc Bio at the Summer Semester 2016. The module consists of 2 SWS of lecturing (Enzymology, Ver. Nr. FB1018.0007s) and 1 SWS of seminar, in the form of "round table discussion" (Current methods in biotechnology, Ver. Nr. FB1018.0008s). All lectures are in English. The lectures are:

  • Enzymology: Tuesdays 15:15-17:00, room 1102.
  • Current methods in biotechnology: Fridays 9:00-10:00, room 1135.

The topics that are covered in this module are the following:


  • Introduction to enzymology – Enzyme classes – Cofactors – Catalytic mechanisms – Kinetics – Inhibition)
  • Enzyme sources
  • Production / Formulation of biocatalysts  
  • Immobilization 
  • Bioreactor design
  • Biocatalysis in non-conventional-media
  • Catalytic promiscuity
  • Enzymatic cascades
  • Downstream processing
  • Applications: pharmaceutical products (artemisinin, sitagliptin, lipidor), enzymes in brewery, in textile industry, in detergents, CO2 and H2fixation
  • Recent break-throughs: PET degradation, Si-incorporation, Kemp elimination, Cyclopropanation  

 Current Methods in Biotechnology:

  • Familiarize with databases and softwares
  • Cloning strategies
  • Genome-editing (meganucleases, ZFN, TALEN, CRISP-Cas Systems)
  • Expression systems (strains, hosts, in vitro expression, phage display, autodisplay, secretion)
  • Cell lysis, sterilization
  • Protein chromatography
  • Protein engineering strategies
  • Structural analysis
  • Analytics (UV, GC, HPLC)


Suggested literature:

  • A. Illanes "Enzyme Biocatalysis – Principles and Applications“ – Springer
  • Drauz, Gröger & May "Enzyme Catalysis in Organic Synthesis: A Comprehensive Handbook, Volume 1“ Wiley-VCH
  • W. Aehle "Enzymes in Industry – Production and Applications“, Wiley-VCH
  • K. Faber "Biotransformations in Organic Chemistry – A textbook“, Springer
  • A. Bommarius & Riebel "Biocatalysis – Fundamentals and Applications“, Wiley-VCH
  • K. Buchholz, V. Kasche & U.T. Bornscheuer "Biocatalysts and Enzyme Technology", Wiley-VCH
  • H. Bisswanger "Practical Enzymology", Wiley-VCH

The presentations and supporting material about the module can be found in the following link (password protected; contact Dr. Ioannis Pavlidis).


The module is offered to the  BSc Bio and BSc Nano at the Winter Semester 2016/2017. The module consists of 2 SWS of lecturing (Ver. Nr. FB1018.0006w) and offers 3 ECTS. The module is bilingual and the language of the lectures will be desired from the students in the first lecture. The lectures are planned for Fridays : 9:15-11:00, room 3139. The topics that are covered in this module are the following:

  • Introduction to biotechnology (what is biotechnology, millestones of biotechnology)
  • Gene technology (recombinant DNA as a tool of biotechnology)
  • Industrial biotechnology (white biotechnology) - Biotechnology of microorganisms
  • Synthetic biology - first artificials microorganisms
  • Environmental Biotechnology 
  • Agricultural Biotechnology - Plant Biotechnology (e.g. improved plants) 
  • Animal Biotechnology (e.g. transgenic animal)
  • Medical Biotechnology (e.g. stem cells, antibodies, vacinations)
  • Biotechnology in forensics
  • Aquatic Biotechnology (e.g. metagenomic projects in oceans)
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Bioethics, patents and security

Suggested literature:

  • William J. Thieman et al. "Biotechnologie" - Pearson Studium - ISBN: 978-3-8273-7236-9
  • Reinhard Renneberg "Biotechnologie für Einsteiger" - Spektrum - ISBN: 978-3-8274-1847-0
  • M.D. Trevan et al. "Biotechnologie: Die biologischen Grundlagen" - Springer Verlag - ISBN: 3-540-56191-9
  • Rolf Schmid "Taschenatlas der Biotechnologie und Gentechnik" - Wiley-VCH - ISBN: 978-3-527-33514-5
  • Sharon Walker "Biotechnology demystified" - Mc Graw Hill - ISBN: 978-0-07-144812-3

The presentations and supporting material about the module can be found in the moodle of Uni Kassel.